Who We Are

Tino Luciano has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment community. Tino, as the Director, has a God given talent and a director’s eye that gives the productions a standard of quality and excellence that is unsurpassed. In the photo on the left, Tino is in deep thought as he assesses the street scene for a big gunfight in one of our episodes. When asked how he directs such busy and big scenes, he replied, “The first thing I do is pray for an open mind and I ask the Lord to clear my head so I can focus and concentrate on the task at hand. I then ask for the safety of my cast and crew. Then, I just let it play through in my head and I watch it unfold from there.”

Tino is committed to using the production company that he founded to bring the message of hope, inspiration and redemption to a starving world in search of meaning and purpose. In our days that lack morality, spiritual values and devotion to God, family and friends, Tino is dedicated to reuniting and gathering the family together through a common interest of viewing the classic westerns that he himself watched growing up as child.

Tino knows that without a dedicated staff beside him, he has nothing more than a company, but it is the crew, he says that makes it a PRODUCTION COMPANY! “Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication to Law Dog. Thank you for standing beside me, not in front or behind, but beside me all the way! Please help me recognize the crew below and know that without them, Law Dog Productions would still be working on their first episode! You’ll never know how you all have blessed me. I am humbled to have such a great crew!!” 
Dale Noel
Carole Schreiber
Production Supervisor
Jake Borowski
James AE Fuentez
1st A.D.
Eloise Ayala
Arts Department
Kim Pederson
Gerry GW Wright
Weapons Safety
Mike Gatherer
Horse Wrangler
Lloyd Noel
Horse Wrangler
Stephen Brooks
Location Sound Engineer
Garrett Sheeks
Vince Luciano
Key Grip
Andrew Minor
Best Boy
James Fuentez Jr.
Production Assistant
Mavis Blackwood
Terry Kurtz
Behind The Scenes Videographer