Hire Us

Law Dog Productions LLC is a fully staffed and self-sufficient production company. Not only have we filmed our own productions, but we’ve helped out many companies in filming ad campaigns, short films, commercials and features.

From our state of the art production equipment, to the clothing worn by actors, Law Dog Productions LLC has it all. Here’s a few of the items we have to offer:

  • Full production film crew and equipment
  • Lighting and Gaffers
  • Post Production Editing Picture/Audio
  • Location Sound
  • Professional Stuntmen/Women
  • Special FX on set (Squibs, Air Cannons, Blood Packs etc)
  • Firearms (From 1800’s to present day)
  • Over 10,000sqft of wardrobe (From 1800’s to present day)
  • Unlimited Number of Horses
  • Cattle (Holsteins, Heifers, Longhorns)
  • Exotic Livestock (Camels, Zebras etc)
  • Wagons, Stage Coaches, Buckboards

And much more!

Please feel free to contact us for a quote on how we can help your dream become a reality! We work with all budgets large or small. Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you can’t afford something like this. You’ll never know until you contact us. contact@lawdogproductions.com

 “We’re Here to Serve”