Badge Law Dog Productions

Who We Are

Tino Luciano has over twenty five years of experience in the entertainment community. His love of Western films and History led him to create Law Dog Productions where he began to produce and direct a series of short films and features called "Tales of the Frontier". Tino made seventeen films under the "Tales of the Frontier" moniker before moving on to create the award winning short film "Justice For All", which won "BEST SHORT FILM" at the Culver City Film Festival in 2014.

Since then, Tino has been on a winning streak in film festivals with his last three short films "The Killer, a Fight in July", "Bad Men and The Devil" and "Only God Forgives". Tino has taken home two "BEST DIRECTOR" awards for both "Bad Men and The Devil" and "Only God Forgives". Tino is currently developing ideas for a new short and feature films.

Travis Lee Eller was born in the mountains of North Carolina. He moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to begin his career in filmmaking. Upon arriving, he took it upon himself to write, produce, film and act in his own projects which consisted of Westerns since he has always harbored a deep affinity for the genre.

Scratchheavy Productions was formed for the sole purpose of creating Western content of all types, from classic to modern. Since forming Scratchheavy Productions Travis along with Tino Luciano's Law Dog Productions has accumulated multiple awards with their short film collaborations as well as been accepted to multiple national and international film festivals.